walking-dead-zombie-woman-630x443 Today is Easter, which has many different meanings depending on who you’re speaking with. Some use this day to provide their children beautiful baskets filled with candy, eggs, and Easter bunnies. Some use this day to visit church in their most stylish apparel and gather with their family afterwards to feast with one another. Then there is a religious meaning tied into this day, as it is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. To resurrect means to restore a dead person to life. I think generally when we think about this we refer it to one of the most important days in the history of the world and that’s the day Jesus was restored to life again. But something truly devastating as disturbed the definition on resurrection, it’s the fact that we have so many people walking around dead, and let’s just call them the Walking Dead. Life has happened to them, situations have come that have left them in a crippled and debilitating state. So these people wander through life just passing time, caught up in the mix of just barely making it. They go to work, they come home and tend to their families, go to sleep and the cycle continues. Every now and then they tell themselves this can’t be life, but they are so deeply immersed in this way of living they know of no other way to escape. Well today I am telling you the way to escape-resurrection. Now this doesn’t mean to physically die and wait to be restored back to life. It means to literally bury everything that has you emotionally bound and in a unhealthy trance. This may not happen in a hour or so because maybe there are several things that have had strongholds over you for long periods of time. These things have roots that so deep and rich that it’s going to take some deep plowing to remove. This is not going to feel good at first because you are going to have to revisit some very painful moments, and even come face to face with certain demons. But the days leading up to the death of Jesus Christ the same thing happened. He was tortured, persecuted, yet He had to endure this in order for the resurrection to occur, and this will be no different from your process. We all have things in our lives that prevent us from fully thriving in life the way that we should. It’s up to us to face those demons, bury them so that our lives can be restored. So this resurrection Sunday, April 20, 2014, let the old ways die so that you can be restored to life. - Elle Harris