break up chronicles One of the hardest things in life to face is a healthy breakup, and when I say healthy I mean no rebound guy, no substances to subside the pain, and no revenge. I mean a truly authentic breakup filled with cries, alone time, emotional roller coasters, but also the most important thing-natural healing. I decided to write this 5 part blog series because I have encountered many women lately who are struggling with this process. At first it was hard for me to grasp because, I am like a light switch when I flick the switch off it does not come back on. But I also had to think about how long did it take me to get up and reach for that light switch in previous relationships, and how did it feel when everything faded to black. So I will release five blogs discussing 5 different types of breakups and the best way to start the healing process. And for anyone who’s coming into this, with the thought that I could not understand what you are going through because I am married, here is my PSA: Let’s just say once I healed, I was reunited with my love (who I had not seen since I was 11) one year later, and married two years after that. So trust me I got this… THE FIRST ONE DROPPING TODAY @ 4PM