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Influenc-HER Profile Series|Brandi Kellam

Today we have the honor to share our interview with this amazing woman who continues to excel in every goal that she sets for herself. Brandi Kellam is a MSNBC and NBC producer. She is also an instructor at the prestigious S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University. Check out our interview with her as she discusses work/life balance, her inspiration, and the FBI.

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Influenc-HER Profile Series|Candice Crocker

candi pic ig

This year we are committed to releasing 24 Influenc-HER Profile Series of trailblazing women living out their dreams. We begin this series with thee amazing Candice Crocker. She is beauty, she is passion, she is influence. Here's our interview with her!

What is your name and what do you do? My name is Candice Crocker. I work in Public Relations professionally and I’m a Natural Hair and Beauty Vlogger/Influencer. Are there any childhood experiences that led you to where you are today? Growing up, my friends would always ask me to do their hair, we’d play with makeup and take pictures after. I’ve been taking “selfies” since I had my first camera. I’ve always shared my beauty and hair tips with my friends because I love beauty and hair products. Becoming a beauty influencer/vlogger is just a natural extension of what I’ve always done and my personality. Where did your passion for blogging/vlogging come from? It happened organically. I’ve always shared my favorite beauty and hair tips/finds with my friends and family so it was only natural to do the same on social media. Once I started sharing, women gravitated to my platforms. I love to help other women and I’ve met many wonderful people by doing this. It’s definitely fun and so rewarding for me. candi 2 What has been your biggest achievement thus far? My biggest achievement so far was my first Instagram/Facebook Live Takeover collaboration with Creme of Nature and Cocotique. Being invited to work with brands I’ve loved and used since I was a little girl is amazing. Also, being featured on was pretty cool. What is the secret to the perfect twist out? I’m still trying to figure that out! LOL! Click here to watch Candice's take on achieving the perfect twist. Are there any products you swear by? I swear by these products: Olive Oil Ecostyler Gel; Aussie Moist 3-Minute Miracle Moist Deep Conditioner; Kinky Curly Knot Today Leave-In Conditioner; TGIN Honey Miracle Hair Mask, Taliah Wajjid Curly Curl Creme candi 3 Who do you look to as inspiration? I look to my mother (Blanche Crocker), Barack Obama, Michelle Obama, Oprah and Beyoncé as inspiration. What tangible piece of advice would you give young girls who want to be where you are? Be you! Be confident in your abilities. There is someone, somewhere, who needs what you have to offer. Your talent/gift/expertise is what makes you special. You can accomplish whatever you want in life as long as you wholeheartedly believe in yourself and put in the work. Be willing to invest in yourself, open to learning new things and fearlessly follow your dreams.
I love that we can be strong and soft, feminine and androgynous, sweet and sassy, plain and glamorous, domestic and independent, flexible and rigid.
What do you love most about being a woman? I love that we can be strong and soft, feminine and androgynous, sweet and sassy, plain and glamorous, domestic and independent, flexible and rigid. I love being girly, how beautiful it is to be able to give life and that we’re the nurturers of the world. What is the key to finding balance in your personal and professional life?
The key to finding balance lies in planning well, communicating effectively and being realistic about what you can accomplish. You must carve out time to take care of yourself. If you don’t make self-care a priority, you’ll overwork yourself and have nothing to offer others. You must create the perfect work life balance for yourself and be unapologetic about it. Only do things that make you feel good inside and stay away from negative energy.
What is one thing many people do not know about you? I’m a huge fan of politics and love to get in deep discussions about it but only with close friends and family.   candi 4Our fun question: If you could be any animal what would it be and why? I would be a bird so I could fly anywhere I wanted at any given time. I’d go on vacation every weekend! Are there any projects that you're working on that we can look forward to? I will be taking over Eden Bodyworks Instagram soon. I’m super excited! What does the future hold for you? I’m not sure and I’m okay with that. I’m not putting myself in a box. I have many goals that I want to accomplish, however, I leave myself open to growing and becoming the best I can be. I’m looking forward to evolving, naturally, with my brand. Where can people find you? Instagram: CandiCoatedCurls Facebook: CandiCoatedCurls YouTube: Candice Arielle            
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Influenc-HER Profile Series | CEO Nikki

ceonikki   Today we have the privilege and honor to highlight CEO Nikki. She talks to us about her passions, her strength and her journey in becoming CEO Nikki, Check out how she conquers every opportunity   . What is your name and what do you do? I am CEO Nikki and I am CEO of Speak HER, one of the founders of HYPE HER, and a Certified Holistic Life Coach & Motivational Speaker Are there any childhood experiences that led you to where you are today? At a young age I was always one to use my imagination, now I see it was foreshadowing for my future 😉 I always imagined being on a big stage, talking to people and helping people, so I would say my experience that led me here was my imagination! Where did your passion come from? I was in a really bad relationship with myself in 2012. I was a single mom with breast cancer, depressed, suffering from anxiety if I've never hit the bottom before, that was surely it. I was in a place where I was tired of letting life push me around and backing me into corners and my spiritual sister Lana, taught me about oneness with self and meditation and loving my body and watching what I ate. It turned my life around. I became obsessed with healing self, and others around me. Little did I know this would become my new life. Tell us how you became CEO Nikki? One of my very best friends Carmel actually gave me that name. In one of our many conversations she mentioned how proud of me she was, and how far I had come. She told me I CONQUERED EVERY OPPORTUNITY (hence the CEO) and it stuck with me ever since. ceo-4 You have battled and won the fight against cancer FIVE times, where does your strength come from? The divine, God, the Universe, whatever you want to call it, this higher power has kept me and loved on me the entire time, even when I didn't love myself enough to carry on. This higher power, this entity, has instilled in me a vision of my life so grandiose, that I envision giving people life tools that generations can use and that's the thing that strengthens me. Even at my weakest moment, I can still find strength in that. What words of encouragement could you offer someone battling cancer, who's reading this interview? Laugh and dance!!! Laugh like no one is watching, dance like your life depends on it and do it OFTEN. I remember doing laughter yoga for the first time where you partake in laughing exercises that helps to decrease stress (my doctor's idea, I thought he was crazy at first). I laughed so hard and I don't even remember where the laughter erupted from, I was crying, sweating, my stomach ached, like this laughter felt so good it hurt, but in those few moments, I forgot I had cancer, I forgot I was broke and brokeEN, I was just.....laughing. Laughter heals. Just laugh! What are some of the services you offer and how have they helped your clientele? I offer one on one coaching sessions where we talk about manifestation, goal setting, living your best life and how to apply the law of attraction which is the theory of what you think about, you bring about. I also offer VisionBoard Bashes where I can teach you how to create an effective VisionBoard as well as retreat facilitation. I have had clients that are able to see their own visions clearly all while learning how to purge negativity to aid in the manifestation process. In the most recent VisionBoard Workshops held at Goodwill of the Southern Piedmont in Charlotte, NC, 2 participants saw direct manifestations of their VisionBoard within 3 weeks of creation. Who do you look to for inspiration? The universe. We live in such a fast pace society that we rarely take the time to notice the small things. I have moments where I'm just quiet and present in the moment and pay attention to what's surrounding me. The wind, the trees, people in a rush, people waiting, birds EVERYTHING, and I just wait for the universe to give me whatever lesson I need in that moment. ceo-2 What tangible piece of advice would you give young girls who want to be where you are? Trust yourself. You are way more powerful than you give yourself credit. Love yourself enough to ONLY surround yourself with people who will love you and celebrate you and tell you the truth and lastly Speak life into yourself. Words are powerful so choose the words that your ears will hear wisely. What do you love most about being a woman? That I am the giver of life! Any human that's on this earth must first pass through a woman first! How magical is that? What is the key to finding balance in your personal and professional life? Listen. All the answers are revealed to us when we are still. Listen to your body, listen to your heart, listen to God. Be still and listen. What is the gift and curse of being a CEO? The gift is I'm responsible for carrying out the vision. The curse is I'm responsible for carrying out the vision. The irony of the power being in my hands, I can make the right decision, I can make the wrong decision but either way I'll learn and grow. ceo-3 What is one thing many people do not know about you? I hate to see people run their bare toes through carpet, it makes me cringe EEEEK! Our fun question: If you could be any animal what would it be and why? I would love to be a bird. I'm not sure what kind of bird but birds are meant to rise and fly above. Story of my life. What does the future hold for you? The future holds a "Black Girls Rock" award with my name on it, connecting with some amazing women to change lives for the better, working with my husband to teach other married couples how to be happy and change their families lives, traveling with our daughters and laughing until hurts. Where can people find you? You can find me on Instagram @CEONIKKI on Facebook CEO Nikki and also follow my Company on IG @ispeakHER and @HYPEHEREXPO
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Influenc-Her Profile Series| Dorian Johnson

D Johnson Check out this wonderful interview with our latest Influenc-Her Dorian Johnson, you may know her as the Femme Focus. What is your name and what do you do? My name is Dorian Johnson and I am the Program Manager for the S.E.E.K (Social & Economic Empowerment Through Knowledge) Program at Building Blocks Services, LLC. Currently, the S.E.E.K program is preparing 18-24 year olds to become Certified Pharmacy Technicians. In addition, our students are gaining leadership development, workforce development skills, financial literacy, and other important competencies that will support them in the world of work and/or assist them in furthering their education. I absolutely love what I do because I am giving back to the community and building futures one skill at a time. In my spare time, I create digital content for my various social media outlets that focuses on Women’s Empowerment through my brand, The Femme Focus. Are  there any childhood experiences that led you to where you are today? I can’t say that there is a particular childhood experience that led me to where I am today, but I will say that overall life experiences have led me here. The good, the bad and the indifferent have made me into the woman I am today and for that I am thankful. I like to think of myself as an open book, and in being transparent, I am empowering and helping another girl/woman along life’s journey. No one should ever feel alone in what they go through. Sometimes all it takes is sharing your story that makes us relate to one another. How did you get started in your current field today? And where did that passion come from? The name, The Femme Focus began back in 2009 as a segment on a Midday radio show titled, “D. Marie in the Midday,” that was hosted Monday through Friday, on WNSB 91.1, on the campus of Norfolk State University, in Norfolk, Virginia. The segment was used to give tips on life, finances, health, family, relationships, and overall positivity to the target audience of women that listened in. After studying mass communications in undergrad at Norfolk State University, I knew that I wanted to impact women on a more profound level, along with continuing my love for the media. I then decided to go back to school and on December 13, 2014, I conferred a Master of Arts degree in Urban Education with a focus on Urban Community Counseling. My passion comes from the journey my life has taken and is currently on. I love being a woman and want to empower other women to loves themselves just as they are. Who do you look to for inspiration? I find inspiration all around me. There isn’t a particular person or thing that inspires me. It can be something I read in a book or a conversation with a stranger that I have in the checkout line at the grocery store. What makes you stand apart from everyone else in your field? I stand apart in my field in that I’m not afraid to work with and empower women from every walk of life. I think we often forget about the women who aren’t where we are in life and that don’t have the same educational background or upbringing as ourselves. It’s not every day that we see those women as the target population in most of what people consider “women’s empowerment” these days. If we seek to empower one, then we must empower us all and not forget those who are often overlooked along the way. What tangible piece of advice would you give young girls who want to be where you are? A piece of advice that I would give to young girls would be to never let anyone or anything stand in your way...including yourself. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemy when it comes to self-doubt and low self-esteem. Challenge those thoughts in your head and SPEAK LIFE to your situations and circumstances. What do you love most about being a woman? What's not to love about being a woman? It’s hard to pick a favorite attribute when it comes to being a woman, so I’ll just say the mere fact that I was given the gift of being a woman is what I absolutely love most. What is one thing many people do not know about you? thing people don’t know about me? People don’t know that in spite of me having been a radio personality and currently a YouTube content creator, I am an introvert. I like spending time with myself and being able to enjoy my own company. What is your most memorable moment as a Digital Content Creator? My most memorable moment as a digital content creator would be July 4, 2013 when I first launched my blog, Not only was it the official launch for my brand, but July 4th is also my birthday. What is your least memorable moment as a Digital Content Creator? My least memorable moment as a digital content creator would be the fact that you have to have tough skin in that you are making yourself vulnerable to the world in that they have the ability to critique your work and give their opinions about your content. This happens often, but I remember when I first started that this was something I had to definitely get used to. What does the word Feminist mean to you? The word feminist simply means being an advocate for women. Period. Our fun question: If you could be any animal what would it be and why? A lion for sure! A lion is KING of the jungle. I regard myself with the same esteem in everyday life. What does the future hold for you? That’s a great question. As far as what God has in store, well, that’s to be determined. I pray that my brand continues to grow and reaches the masses. I have quite a few things in store for the brand this year that I’m excited to launch. In the fall of this year I will begin classes at Old Dominion University for a graduate certificate in Women’s Studies. In 2018, I will begin my PhD in Women’s Studies at Texas Women’s University. Of course, I would love to have some sort of facility and/or program for young girls and women in the future. All of that is still being planned out though. 🙂 Where can people find you? YouTube | Website | Email | Instagram | Twitter | Facebook | Podcast | 'Empower Report' Newsletter Sign-Up |
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