Our 5th year anniversary will be celebrated at the Return to Royalty Weekend, themed the Royal Rebellion. The Royal Rebellion is not a call to revolt against laws or anything that disrupts civil order. It's a call to revolt against stigmas and ideologies that tell us we are less than our male counterparts. It's a call to stand up and say our rights are not up for debate when it comes to our right to privacy, choice, equal pay, higher education, self worth, liberation, career over domestication, and many more. It is our right to be whatever we want in this world and our actions are not up for debate. We will not be another ill-composed or acronym i.e. [thot]. We will make our own rules we will build our self worth and we will revolt against anything standing in our way. So ladies, Rebelle with us and don't allow your dreams and your voice to die silently. If you're ready join us during this eventful weekend as we celebrate Influenc-HER's who rebelle, review our impact in the community this year, and take on the battlefield with our fellow Rebelle's. Rebelle or Die, coming Fall 2018!!!