What’s the Rebelle Summit? 

It’s the place for the risk takers, who don’t hold their tongues, and who believe they can be any and everything they put their minds to.  The greatest part is that these Rebelle’s are all girls!!!

Do you remember being that adventurist? What changed is………..adulthood. Our adult influences inflicted their own experiences on us and we have to be careful so that we do not do the same to our children. Asking them to live in a world jaded by the limits that were placed on us, because we fear reliving our disappointments through the people we will do anything to protect. Now parents, don’t feel bad it’s the way we love but, take a moment and view the world through the eyes of your children. Remember how great it was to dream and fantasize without anxiety or doubt. I believe we at World Wide Women Group have the answer. The Rebelle Summit gives girls, ages 6 to 13 the opportunity to keep living fearlessly. This five-day summit will teach them the power of affirmations, dreaming without limits, creating the blueprint early, branding themselves, and the art of presentation. Our most valuable thing on earth is time, and we are no longer waiting 18 years to prepare our girls for the future.


The Rebelle Summit brings 25 girls ages 6-13 together over the course of five days, for a small investment of $50.00.  Here’s the layout:

Registration is closed for 2018. 


If you would like to donate to a girl click here to help her dreams come true!!!

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