HERstory is a video series that allows every woman to tell her story. We provide a platform that is therapeutic for the ‘Herstorian’, as well as the audience. There are so many women we walk by every day, never knowing the contents of their lives. What if the story of one of those women, could be the very thing to save another woman’s life? This is the purpose of HERstory, allowing the release of one woman’s pain to spark the liberation of another.

Dreamteam Academy is a collaborative effort of Bonfire Impact and World Wide Women Group, Inc. It is the premier leadership school for young women ages 18-24, birthed after the passing of Maya Angelou. Realizing there the sparse number of positive female role models left after her passing, we asked ourselves who stands in line to groom the next generation of leaders.  This intensive academy consists of 12 weeks of motivation, inspiration, education, uplifting, and breakthrough. This is not your average leadership school, we go beyond the surface and tackle deeply rooted issues that inhibit women from becoming the leaders they are destined to be. Classes are held bi-annually and the candidates are selected through an application process reviewed by our Committee for Admissions. Enrollment will open in November of 2015.

The Survivors Celebration is the biggest birthday celebration ever. It was created to bring together survivors of all diseases: cancers, abuse, divorce, molestation, rape, addiction, and so much more. On this evening, we honor all survivors collectively for the strength and courage they portrayed during their respective times of adversity. Many people never know the true fear and worry that haunts survivors, even after they have won the war, so we come to celebrate them all. The Survivor’s Celebration serves as a constant reminder of what it took for them to be here today. This year, we will put on our gowns and tuxedos to present to you the Survivors Ball. Save the date: Saturday, November 14, 2015.

The Influenc-Her Awards is our way of saying thank you to the women in our community who strive every day to make a difference. These awards have 5 categories: The Collegiate Award (college student), The Change Maker (education), The Advocator (community), The Executor (business), and The Lioness (best all around). The awards are presented at our annual Return to Royalty Rally. The Collegiate Award is accompanied by a stipend minimum of 500.00, and is subject to increase at any time.

Return to Royalty is the only 2 day rally built to shatter the barriers separating women from all genres of life. It has been intrinsically designed to present an atmosphere of excitement, support, and common ground amongst women who have carried burdens alone for too long.  Return to Royalty is the coronation for all women who have been stripped of their eminence due to life’s events. Every year we challenge ourselves to make this event engaging, beneficial, and life changing for all the women and their children who attend. This year's Return to Royalty Rally will be held Friday, August 7, 2015 through Saturday, August 8, 2015.