Today's Influenc-HER is Jessica Arenas, she's the Digital Marketing Manager for WCSC Live News in Charleston South Carolina. Check out her interview as she discusses her love for journalism and what she loves about being a woman.

What is your name and what do you do? Jessica Arenas, currently working as the Digital Marketing Manager for WCSC, Live 5 News.

Are there any childhood experiences that led you to where you are today? When I was young, I always wrote in journals and even said my first job would be a "newspaper girl." 

How did you get started in your current field today? And where did that passion come from? I found my love for writing/journalism my Freshman year of high school - wrote for the school paper there and continued in college. In college (alumna of UNC Charlotte) I was obsessed with becoming a "Carrie Bradshaw" - I ultimately moved from editor roles to having my own relationship column in college. When social media came around, I started my own accounts and learned more and more about them each day. Learned how much they were going to shape our future, especially the multi-media's future. 

Who do you look to for inspiration? Who: God. He has blessed me more than I deserve. Also, my dad. He is a man who puts God in the center of his life - he has always taught me to never settle and dream big because I have a big God. 

What I look to for inspiration: I still watch Sex and the City when I need a 'writer boost.' I also read a lot of biographies, to just learn more in general or specific biographies of men or women I feel are successful. My favorite biographies that helped shape my career: Stuart Scott (News/Media), Sophia Amaruso (Girl Power/Female Entrepreneur) and Ronda Rousey (for fitness/athletics). Another What: I run to burn off frustration & many times it has helped me conjure up some ideas. jess-1

What makes you stand apart from everyone else in your field? I have a very unique upbringing. I was born in the North, grew up around a Northern, Midwest & Southern culture, and to top it all off, I am a first generation college grad. I'm also very independent, I do a lot of things myself. I have a very 'Just Do It' mentality. People get surprised at a lot of things I've been able to do, and especially things I've done on my own.

What tangible piece of advice would you give young girls who want to be where you are? Save money & to those that believe in God, tithe. See a financial advisor to learn about money & YOUR money. I tithe because I know my money is not truly mine.

Find out how you can save but also still have nice things & a good time!

What do you love most about being a woman? We have and will probably continue to be underestimated. I believe one day it will change, but as of now - you have to work with what makes you, you. It's fun to prove people wrong. 

What is your most memorable moment as a social media producer and multimedia journalist?

In general, I love meeting different people. Especially when it was meeting people that made differences in the community. When it comes to being 'star struck,' I felt super important when I got to interview some Carolina Panthers players (post Cam Newton's car accident in 2015) and to watch an NFL game on the field!


What is your least memorable moment as a social media producer and multimedia journalist?

When you wear the wrong shoes to a gig. Specifically, I wore suede boots to a Panthers' football game - it rained and my boots got destroyed. Learned my lesson to just never wear suede again.    How did you become the Cardioqueen? I just learned over the years that any form of exercise is a must to take care of your body. If walking is your jam, that's great! Find something that gets your heart pumping - it's all about the motivation to move!

Are there any struggles being a woman in your field?

Like I previously mentioned - women, especially YOUNG, minority, women, will be underestimated. Prove people wrong, ladies!

What is one thing many people do not know about you? I actually really want to be good at dancing! I'm no where near 'good' haha but I still love to dance! I do Zumba to get my 'fix' and hopefully one day I will be just as good as the dancers I watch on YouTube. jess-3

Our fun question: If you could be any animal what would it be and why? A rare bird, like an Eagle. They can fly, which means they can go anywhere!

What does the future hold for you? I look forward to calling Charleston/Live 5 News home for right now. 

Where can people find you? @JessicaArenasTV on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram