allynncover Today we highlight Ms. Allynn Tay she talks about her passions and career as a Certified Life and Career Coach. What is your name and what do you do? My name is Allynn pronounced Allen, but my friends call me Ally! I’m a Certified Life and Career Coach, as well a certified instructor of a course in transformation, from Stanford University’s Business Masters program, “Creative Insight Journey.” Are there any childhood experiences that led you to where you are today? Most definitely! I can thank a few childhood memories that have led me to finding my purpose. When you really think about it, we all have experiences from childhood that have made us who we are and brought us to where we are now. How did you get started in your current field today? And where did that passion come from? I got started in college during my freshman year at Hampton University. I was introduced to “The Secret” and the law of attraction, which instantly caught my attention. After graduating with a Bachelor’s in Psychology, I chose to combine all the natural talents and gifts I accumulated and become a Certified Life Coach. I love to help people find their purpose or use their gifts to find fulfillment. It’s so beautiful to see someone genuinely happy with his or her life. Who do you look at as inspiration to keep going? I always of course turn to my higher power, God. I love God! Also my girl Beyonce. She is the true definition of Believing in yourself + God’s grace & blessings = Fulfillment. But most importantly, I turn to myself for inspiration to keep going. I know what I’m capable of & I’m clear on the vision I have for my life. What makes you stand apart from everyone else in your field? What makes me stand apart is that there is no one on this planet Earth that is just like me. I am my own person who is passionate about helping my clients & students find clarity, gain results & discover their sense of direction & purpose. I am constantly educating & practicing new ways to expand my growth, so it can rub off to my friends, family, clients or associates. allwyn 1 What tangible piece of advice would you give young girls who want to be where you are? I would say get to know yourself, trust the process of life & be kind to yourself when you make mistakes. It’s imperative we understand that the more we practice really getting to know ourselves & connecting with ourselves on a deeper level, it allows a sense of clarity to arise. You’ll know what you want out of life & being clear helps attract circumstances to lead you that way. What do you love most about being a woman? Being a woman is everything. I love knowing that I can bring life into this world & have the ability to nurture & provide love for life. What is your most memorable moment as a Certified Life/Career Coach? My most memorable moment so far has been helping my client bring down her stress levels & chest pains, as well as help her increase her income by 50%. I really get a sense of fulfillment helping my clients obtain their goals & gaining confidence & clarity about their life. What is your least memorable moment as a Certified Life/Career Coach? To be honest I don’t have any. I take every moment good or bad as an opportunity to grow, learn & do better. Are there any struggles being a woman in your field? The only struggles I encounter are the ones I create for myself. I have control of what I think, feel & attract. I don’t believe being a woman is a limitation so personally in my experience; no, there aren’t any struggles. What is one thing many people do not know about you? I want people to know that I have a great heart and have a passion for helping people discover life in a more meaningful and fulfilled way. All of us, even the people that rock our nerves, have the ability to be amazing people. As a matter of fact, we are amazing people. Unfortunately, life events can dim our light but we have people who can help us shine again. With that being said, that’s what I hope to bring to the world. Our fun question: If you could be any animal what would it be and why? I would most definitely be a dolphin. They seem so happy and free. They also are very intuitive creatures. What does the future hold for you? I want to continue expanding my knowledge and enhancing my skills, so I can add more value to the people in my life, my brand and the world! I hope to continue to be a positive light for many people and share my talents and gifts that I’ve been blessed with. Where can people find you? Website: Instagram & Facebook: sipofpositivitea allwyn 3