unnamed copy 3  For our most recent Influenc-HER Profile series we were fortunate enough to learn more about the inspiring Makeup Artist and developer of a new skin care line, Markieta Britt. We were able to find out more about her background and her experiences at a younger age, as they truly shaped her into the woman she is today. Take a look at her profile below to see what inspired her to become a strong, talented and influential woman in her career!   What is your name and what do you do? I'm Markieta Britt, a professional makeup artist and creator/developer of an up and coming natural skincare line. Are there any childhood experiences that led you to where you are today? My earliest inspiration came from my grandmother, Hattie Mae. She pushed me to be the selfless, giving, creative and self-made woman I am today. How did you get started in your current field today? And where did that passion come from? In 2004 my grandmother was diagnosed with brain cancer. Due to extensive chemo/radiation, every skin product she used aggravated her skin in a horrible way. After being unsuccessful in finding products to soothe and nurture her sensitive skin, I decided to develop my own. My grandmother's cancer was the start to the rest of my life! In order to fully understand skin types and how products affect certain people, I studied extensively and started my makeup artist career with MAC Cosmetics. unnamed Who do you look at as inspiration to keep going? Celebrity makeup artist, Valente Frazier, was the perfect person to gain inspiration and knowledge from. The highlight of my career was watching Valente work his magic through makeup! He created a beautiful, glamorous look that left me in complete shock. I couldn't believe I was sitting in the same room with an artist I've looked up to for years. He poured life into my career and future as a beauty professional. Thanks, Valente!

I've been told "That's not a good idea", "No one will support you" and "You're not good enough!" These words have been ammunition to excel me to the finish line.

unnamed copy 2   What makes you stand apart from everyone else in your field? To stand out from other makeup artists, I decided to learn more from the best in the industry. My goal was to perfect the makeup application to achieve clean, flawless looks without the appearance of heavy makeup. What tangible piece of advice would you give any young girls who want to be where you are? My advice to the young women of the world is to stay focused! Life is full of curves, highs and lows. Don't allow the rough patches of life to alter the dreams and goals you have for yourself. Keep your circle small and full of those who support and love you.  What do you love most about being a woman? I am loving and sensitive, I'm faithful and determined, I'm strong and self-sufficient, I love being a woman!  Do you feel there are any restrictions being a woman in the beauty industry? The beauty industry is full of opportunities for entrepreneur women! The goal is to keep pushing thru and stay focused on your dream. I've been told "That's not a good idea", "No one will support you" and "You're not good enough!" These words have been ammunition to excel me to the finish line.  What is one thing many people do not know about you? One thing many people don't know about me is my love for jazz. I collect vinyl records from Miles, Contrane, Mendes and many more. Our fun question: If you could be any animal what would it be and why? If I could be any animal I would be a bird, to view life on an elevated level. What does the future hold for you? My future is full of opportunity and a multitude of overflowing blessings! The launch of my skincare line will not only be a major milestone for me but a blessing to those around me. I'm so excited! Suebaby Beauty will be coming soon!   unnamed copy Where can people find you? Instagram: @kietarenee Inquiries for services: iluvsuebaby@gmail.com www logo for header