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Today we highlight Erica Dias, author and part owner of The B Firm. Her book Faith It Until You Make It is a compilation of inspirational quotes. Check out this interview to learn more about this Richmond California native who is making major moves in PR, fashion, and more.
What is your name and what do you do?
- My name is Erica Dias and I am the Author of Faith It Until You Make It, which is a book full of inspirational quotes. I am also the owner of The B Firm PR, which is a PR & Marketing Firm and I own a vintage boutique called; Vintage & More 101
Where are you from?
- I am from Richmond California  Are there any childhood experiences that led you to where you are today?
- My grandmother used to always tell me to come to God in secret and he will make things happen for you. Stop telling everyone what you are about to do and just do it.
My mother and father believed in every little, or big idea that I had, even if they didn't fully know what a wardrobe stylist was. When I did my first internship in NYC when I was 16, my mother came with me to NYC to make sure I got settled. My mother and fathers support made me feel like I could do anything in life!  Where did your passion for PR come from?
- I've ALWAYS loved helping people! I started my career as a Wardrobe Stylist, and as times shifted the caliber of jobs that were in front of me, were not as "purpose driven" as I would've liked. I told myself then, that I would hire myself and inspire people and assist in building their careers.  My sister; Ashley Jernigan was killing it in her career as a Publicist, I decided I wanted to take the "underdogs" and build their careers up, and the rest was history.
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Is there great pressures associated with the PR field, and how do you handle that pressure for your clients?
- Sometimes there is pressure because some clients forget that PR is a process, not a product. As my career has grown, I honestly don't feel the pressure that I did in the beginning of my PR career. I've learned to really, just let go and let God and just do my best. Also if a client becomes "too much to handle" lol I have no problem terminating their contract.
What does a typical day look like for you?
- I get up at 7am and have my quite time for about 5-6 mins., to just do nothing but talk to god and if I remember I try to do my breathing exercises. Then I check my emails, check in with my team, and my clients. Earlier in the week, I go to my store, merchandise inventory and do a feel insta-stories.
Around 6-7pm I am usually at a movie screening, networking event or having a meeting. When I get home, I regroup and usually figure out more ways to work smarter not harder. Lately, I've been writing my 2nd book called "No Flitter".
Who do you look to for inspiration and why?
- I look to so many people and things for inspiration. Everyday my little sister; Fabeah (14) and little brother; George (12) inspire me. I told myself that I would be the change that I wanted to see, so everyday I try to be better than I was yesterday. Also my father is my daily inspiration. Nothing was handed to him. He's worked extremely hard to provide for his family and he did that a more. He was a single parent of 5 kids. He did me and my sisters hair, he cooked, took us on trips and never complained about his work load. He worked all the time but still made time for his family and did his best. My dad didn't have the best upbringing but he made sure that he was the best father that he could be to his children. My dad is my hero, and my everyday inspiration. My mother is also a major inspiration to me as well, because no matter the circumstances of her being a single parent she provided for my brothers, sisters and I. She is defiantly a role model for me in many ways. She gave me confidence in myself.
What tangible piece of advice would you give young girls who want to be where you are?
- I would give them 2 things. One a bible, and the second would be my book full of inspirational quotes called; Faith It Until You Make It
e dias 3 What do you love most about being a woman?
- what I love most about being a woman is my compassion for others. Women are nurturing, and we love hard. I love that about being a woman. I love that we have a certain type of magic that is indescribable. We are just amazing!!!!  What is the key to finding balance in your personal and professional life?
-  The key to finding balance in my personal and professional life is to just write it down and REALLY take time for yourself! I am the most important project that I'll ever work on so I have to take care of her.  What has been your greatest accomplishment to date?
- one of my greatest accomplishments to date was when I had my 20th Erica's Table of 20 luncheon and I really opened up and told my truth of how I got here. I was as transparent as possible and I left the truth rite in that room. One of my attendees told me that God told her to come to my event and she had been dealing with depression and wanted to end her life. She told me that my story saved her.  I knew then that my purpose was bigger than me.
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Is there anything you wish you could do over again?
- Hmmmm, I don't know because I feel like everything that has happened to me has been about of the story that God wrote for me.  What is one thing many people do not know about you?    
-I'm scared of roller coasters.  Our fun question: If you could be any animal what would it be and why?
- I would be a blue bird, because there presence reminds me of peace.  What does the future hold for you?
- More books, another vintage boutique, I also want to open a laundry mat. My goals are to work smarter not harder and hopefully along the way, I get married.  Where can people find you?
- Instagram: @TheBFirmPR @EricaDias101 @TableOf20 @VintageAndMore101
FB: The B Firm PR & Vintage & More 101