43005-6910-49138-1-women-in-love Hey Love, You were just lurking on his page huh? It's ok. We all have lurked. I want you to really ask yourself this: "What did I LOVE about him? What did I LIKE about him?" You are probably thinking well we used to do this, we used to do that. No. Not what YALL did; what did you LOVE about him? What did you LIKE about him? If you are racking your brain, trying to answer, you were in love with the relationship more than him. I had this realization after like boo hoo crying one night. I opened my journal to write: "ugh I really miss him. I feel so alone. I miss how he used to..." I stopped because I didn't have anything to write. Here I was pining and depressed over a man that I DID NOT EVEN LIKE. Girl bye! Let that WHOLE thing go and PURSUE YOU! Figure out what you LOVE and LIKE about you! #InPursuitOfMe #TheBook #Free #Depression #BreakUps #Divorce - Brittney Dennis Guest Blogger