sad-black-man-e1308511906398 We have been privileged to introduced to some and reintroduced to many Miss Brittney Dennis. She has shared some wonderful excerpts with us that are heart felt, gut-wrenching, and liberating all in the same breath. Get ready because this new author is going to blow your mind. I called him a thousand times this day in desperation. It was exactly 9 days after he left. Father's Day. Here we were, myself and our two children with no man to celebrate. I wanted my now ex husband to wake up on his back and smile down at what I was doing to him. And I would free my mouth to smile back at him and say Happy Fathers Day Daddy. I wanted to cook him brunch and have our son serve him and say Happy Father's Day Daddy and him feel proud to be a father and then recall me saying it first. In that moment he would look at me like.... I called him a thousand times that day while our children slept in our bed in the middle of the afternoon. I lay calling in desperation in the middle of our sons twin size bed. I felt so small in that bed as I sobbed pressing redial. I always feel small when I cry. I saw myself as tiny lying in the middle of that-- hello? Hello? I replied in a small voice. Yeah? You're supposed to be here, I sobbed. Don't do this. Did she cook you brunch? Did she tell you Happy Father's Day? I asked in a dead pan voice. Silence. What are you talking about? I swear you make me not want to live. I sobbed. That's what you gone do. You gone do that to me. Say you don't wanna live. I sobbed harder. Call disconnected. I sobbed in the middle of that bed. My son came in, tripped on something on the floor, fell, and shot back up and said I'm ok! I looked at him with my tear stricken face and laughed and he laughed back and I knew I would be ok. I still don't know who disconnected the call. B - Brittney Dennis