day 4 Hopefully by now you are feeling good and you have began to deal with some issues that you may have never acknowledged before. But even in your new found happiness you may begin to wonder when will he find me? My only answer to you is when you least expect it. This is why I always say be on you’re A game everywhere you go. Let me tell you a little bit about men and how they find you. Men are natural hunters, they love the chase, the watch, the anticipation, and then they go in for the kill. If you know any hunters or if you’ve ever seen movies about hunters their most prized game is usually hung up somewhere to be admired. The prized game is the one you cannot touch, you can only view it because it was hard work and it was the one worth searching for. The prized game is rare it takes time and precision to catch and it is not easy to grab hold to. It’s also the game that he wants to tell everyone about especially his family, because this is his ultimate prize. On the way to the most prized game he will pick a few strays it’s just a part of the process. Those are the easy game the ones that are exposed, easy to trick, and not important to talk about. As a woman you have to decide which one you are going to be. Whenever a guy introduces himself to you please know this: he has been checking you out in advance. Whatever environment you are in think about your actions for the past 30 to 45 minutes, or really however long you have been there. So if you are in a club with your friends throwing back shots, loud, and overly revealed, he has watched this and understands that you are a quick kill. If you are at a lounge with a group of friends and you’re tastefully enjoying your night, mild-mannered, dressed in a way that peaks interest but does not give it all way, he may see his potential prized game. So ladies take heed to that- your environment, and your behavior within that environment. He’s watching trust me. Woman Flirting with Man in Waiting Area There are a few occasions where you may cross the path of someone in the mall or just strolling through the park, but be very attentive of his gaze. If he undresses you with his eyes in that initial glance RUN!!!!!! We have intuition ladies it’s a God given sense if you just feel something is not right just kindly say thank you but I’m involved. That person you are involved with is you, of course, but he doesn’t need to know that. So let’s talk about sealing the deal. When we first start dating our initial dates are similar to the start of a new job, we pull out our best clothes, we share our best qualities, comb our hair, all the cute stuff. I challenge you to take this new job to another level. Give him an orientation find out about him, his family, and his past four (we talked about this yesterday know your four). Ask him about his credit, employment, children, is he married (you never know until you ask). Then you want to go over the employee handbook with him. Let him know what your rules and regulations are, pull out your human resource code of conduct, standards must be laid out in the very beginning. I am not saying do this on your very first date, but you may want to, at least do this by the end of month one. Way before any intimate encounters happen. Ladies please hear me, this may sound like enough to run him away but if he’s a good one he will not run he will be ready for the challenge because he knows you care about who you are as a person and what goes down in your relationship- you are the prized game. It’s all in your delivery; when talking to him about these things do not have an attitude or become defensive, casually ask. We are woman we know how to pull things out of a man, it’s an innate trait we possess. Now that you have sealed the deal tomorrow I will teach you how to keep him engaged…. Homework: Determine if you are the prized game or the stray. Do this by evaluating your actions in public settings. Create your orientation. Write down five questions that are important for you to know about a man. Use some of the ones listed above if need be. Create your own code of conduct. What are your standards and what will you tolerate. Make sure each violation has a consequence and write down what it is. What are the grounds for dismissal in a relationship for you? Intimacy. Before or after marriage, which will you choose and if it’s after stick with it and what are your plans to avoid possible slip ups. - Elle Harris