IMG_1428 If you are reading this it means that you want to know the secret to getting and keeping a good man in 5 days. So that we are on the same page in 5 days meaning 1,2,3,4,5 days I will give you the secrets. I believe that the man finds you, yet it’s up to you to be ready when he comes along. So each day for the next five days I will give you the keys to make this happen. So stay tuned and each day there will be homework. Day One: Over the last few weeks I have been battling whether or not I would write this blog, but today I read something that gave me the confirmation to do it. It seems, and this is just my heavily observed opinion- that we have fallen more in love with the idea of wanting a man than actually knowing what to do with a man. We treat men like new shoes they blow our mind when we first see them, we want to show them off, take care of them, and keep them close when they still have that new smell. Then reality sets in and we do one of a few things: get bored and want something new, lose interest, or we work hard and cherish what we have. IMG_7673 For the ladies who cherish the men they have, this blog is not for you this is strictly for those of us who haven’t mastered that art just yet. For the ladies, who do the opposite I want to start by saying we have to do so much better. I have seen these wish lists of the perfect man and all the things that he has to do for us and provide us emotionally, physically, and sexually. I am here to say STOP DOING THIS!!! If I see one more Instagram/Facebook post on how we would rather be single, then lied to cheated on, etc. or how we will wait patiently for the man to sweep us off our feet I am going to scream. So I want you to take the why do I want a man challenge with me, here is your homework. Answer these five questions and I will see you tomorrow. Why do I want a man? How much time do I devote to self- improvement a week? What are my top 10 must haves in a relationship? How can I match that, for example, if you do not want him to be a momma’s boy, can you match that with not telling your mother all of relationship drama. Is a man a need or added value in my life? Do I have a healthy relationship with my father?   pam-and-jerome-o (1)