romantic-dinner-setting-by-mikewade I hope everyone is having a great Valentine’s Day today. Today my wife, Elle Harris, has given me the opportunity to write a short article for her site about love and what not. At first I didn’t have any idea of what to write about, but after looking through Instagram a couple of times this morning, I think I have something interesting to write about. I see where a lot of women are talking about what their men are doing for them, but nobody is saying what they are doing or what they have planned for the special man in their life. Most women will say that “My man will just be happy with sex” and that could be true but ladies you can’t keep giving out the same ole ginger snap (my word for THE VAGINA) and expect your man to be ecstatic. Sometimes you have to add the bells and whistles to it too. Just like hopefully, your man does things to make you feel special, you need to do something that they would fully appreciate. So I want to give a couple of preferred suggestions to make sure you have a great V-day experience.
    • Keep It A Secret. While you are planning your event or reading this blog make sure you don’t tell your guy anything. Even though guys say they don’t like surprises, we really do. So don’t hint at what you have planned or act weird or anything like that.
    • No Distractions. This should be pretty simple to comprehend but make sure you don’t have any kids running around your house during this evening or if you do you, take this evening to a hotel. Also make sure you put all phones on vibrate. Nothing kills a mood quicker than a Marvin Sapp or 2 Chainz ringtone.
    • Make his Favorite Meal. Even if you can’t cook at all, at least try to make his favorite meal. Men appreciate effort. Pepsi-Max-Beyonc-Mirrors--Official-2013-video--BeyHereNow-1811078
    • Make Sure You Turn Yourself On. Have you ever walked past a mirror on one of your good hair days and turned yourself on, well you need to make that magic happen again this night. A man will always appreciate a woman who takes the time out to make sure she looks great for him. Ladies also make sure you do the small things as well like shaving and waxing the gingersnap and please either take off the polish on your nails or put some on. Don’t be that woman who is trying to be sexy with chipped nail polish. Trust me guys notice the small things.
  • Make Your Environment “12 Play” Ready. This is where you need to bust out the scented candles, the tea lights, the rose pedals, and your favorite “After Hours” playlist. This is a must as well. The playlist is essential, I have created many GTD mixes (Getting the Draws, DAWGG (that’s for my Martin fans)), and so you have to make sure you have the right songs in your list. Make sure it includes your love songs and your X-rated songs as well. The key to a great V-day playlist is make sure you arrange your list to play all of the love songs first to play for dinner and what not but then the X-rated songs after that for all of the X-rated activities. You probably didn’t know creating a playlist was so intricate, but it can make or break an evening though, TRUST ME. tmb_2000_480
  • Nasty Time. This is pretty simple as well, but for this occasion ladies make sure you do something that you usually don’t do. You can do things like take a bubble bath together, give a great massage, strip tease, lap dance, etc. Whatever you do just be confident and be aggressive.
If this whole evening is done correctly, your guy will be smiling hard for weeks and will turn the spark in your relationship into a full on brush fire.  This isn't anything new  that people don't know but sometimes people just overlook the simple things. If you already have something planned for Valentine’s Day, you can do this evening anytime, Birthdays, Holidays, or a random Tuesday. Trust me, I won’t lead you wrong. Sincerely, The Love Gawdd - Shod Harris