first-date-2 Lately I’ve seen and heard too many women talk about wanting a man or they are tired of being single or they are tired of dating men that just want them from their body, etc. I must say as a man, hearing this from women gets very old. Instead of looking at the men you are dating and finding fault within them, it might be time to look into the mirror and see what you are doing wrong that is leading you to all of these problems with dating. Dating is really not that hard if you just relax and take it easy. Some women think too hard and they make dating very complex, dating shouldn’t be Sudoku. So I thought it would be a good person and give women some advice from a man’s perspective on some do’s and don’ts when you are on a first date with a man. All of this that I am about to say is pretty much common sense but some of you all lack that when you have high levels of THIRST going through your body at one time. Keep in mind the suggestions I’m about to give you is for a guy that you can actually see yourself with, not a bum dude. So pay attention and its ok to take notes, I encourage it. Do’s | Look Sexy: Look like it took you some time to get ready. Get your hair, nails and feet done. Please don’t look like you just woke up or you just threw something on. Wear something that is flattering to your body. Always make sure to highlight your positives and hide the negatives (take a note on that). So no XS shirts when you have a XL body. I’m just being honest. Don’t | Don’t Show Everything: Men like to imagine how your body would look naked, so don’t give them everything on the first date. So avoid all clothes that make you look like a heaux, slut, thot, and any other synonym that matches those words. Men analyze what a woman is wearing more than you think we do. This is something that can put you either in the wifey category or the f#$K buddy category. The choice is ultimately yours. first-date-nerves-book-lgn Do’s | Be Engaged During Conversation: Expect the man to ask you all of the questions in the world to try to get to know you, and when he does, engage in the conversation with him. No man wants to feel like the woman is too guarded to answer a simple question. When a man sees that a woman is real guarded or cold it usually tells us that a woman is holding onto a lot of baggage or they are dealing with or hiding something and nobody likes a woman with a lot of baggage or that is hiding something. Don’t | Talk about Sex: As a man I know that in the first conversations with any woman, we like to test the landscape to see what we are able to get away with. So every man I know will try to bring up sex or some type of sexual connotation to see what the woman says. Women, it’s important that when you are hit with this topic (because it will happen) to find a way to bring the conversation back to something PG. If you go into full-fledged sex talk that guy's mind isn’t going to be on wanting to get to you know you better but more on wondering what that Ginger Snap (my word for The Vag) is like. How to break the ice - 80408245 Do’s | Have Fun: There are women out there who want to be so closed off that they refuse to let themselves have any fun. I know this isn’t the majority of women but there are definitely some women out there that are like this. If you aren’t that women then this one doesn’t apply to you. Pay attention to this next don’t though. Don’t | Don’t Go to His House: Don’t have too much fun that you end up at the guy’s house. Make sure your first encounter is somewhere out. Either he should be picking you up or you are meeting somewhere. If the dude says he wants you to come to his house to “chill”, he is trying to set you up for the Okie Doke. Even if you don’t have sex, he already has it is his mind that he can get the ginger snap. To be real, you shouldn’t go to his house maybe until the 3rd or 4th date, when he hits you with the “let me cook for you” line. (Every guy does it, but it is very effective. Women love a man that can cook.) desperate-women Do’s | Play It Cool: If you aren’t aware, every guy likes a challenge. We don’t want anything that wasn’t hard to get. Men are very willing to put in the work if we know that the outcome is something special. So when I say that, I mean make sure that you show him that you won’t accept just anything and you have standards. Even if this is the only date you have been on in the past year, act like you have been out with other guys in the past. This leads to my don’t….. Don’t | Don’t Be Thirsty: When the date is over DO NOT blow him up with texts, calls, FB messages, subliminal tweets, etc. Just keep it cool. Like my mom used to say, act like you have been somewhere before. I hope I was able to help out the ladies out there that are having a hard time with guys. These are just some tips to make sure you enter into that wifey zone and not that “I Wanna Hit” category. So the moral of the story is, know your worth and act like you have standards or a man will treat you according to what your actions show.