We were birthed out of a vision, a vision to become a safe haven for women of all races, classes, ages, and religions. We recognized the lack of organizations that take time to get in the trenches, meeting women where they are, and equipping them with the tools needed to combat adversity and challenges life throws their way.  So we created unique initiatives that respond to the need of the community and the world abroad. They are each designed to mentor, inspire, educate, and liberate women of countless lifestyles.

Return To Royalty is the perfect mixture of nice and rebelle (we added the le). It begins with The Royal Soiree, our annual gala, in which proceeds fund our R2R Rally. It is an enchanting evening of celebration where we take a look at the strides we’ve made throughout the year, while honoring amazing women worldwide.  The next day is our Rally and it's pure competition and comradery. Women, in teams of 3 compete in challenging group activities. This event is a true testament of the statement what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Women come together to overcome obstacles, and are sent away fired up and ready to tackle life’s storms throughout the next year, together.

Influenc-Her Profile Series makes it possible for our community to see that it is still possible to go after your dreams no matter what the world around us may look like. We started this series to share the stories of women who epitomize promise and perseverance, women who took the leap to pursue their dreams.  This is one of our favorite initiatives because we get to highlight amazing women and we consider it an honor when they agree to be a part of this movement.

Dream Team Academy is an 8 week, intensive academy aimed at grooming the world’s next leaders and role models. Through motivation, education, and uplifting, we breakthrough the surface and tackle deep-rooted issues that may inhibit women from becoming leaders they’re destined to be. There are two qualifying measures to be a part of DTA. One must be between the ages of 18 to 24 and you must be ready to find your passion. This spring we will launch DTA: The High School Edition.

Board of Directors

President: Elle Harris

Vice President: Rashod Harris

Treasurer: Cheryl Davis

Board Members: Theresa Whitfield | Deonna Lindsay- Lewis | Veronica McMillian

Coming Soon:

PowHER in 10

Dreamteam Academy: The High School Edition

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