free-poster-jo3t47mf3v-HELL-HATH-NO-FURY-LIKE-A-WOMAN-SCORNED The saying “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned” is such a powerful yet true statement, because some of the most physically attractive women in the world can possess some of the strongest venom known to mankind. I have had the privilege, and I say that very loosely, to meet many scorned women. Most of these women do not carry it on their chest as a scarlet letter. They are smart, have quick wit, and they can charm the socks off of any man under their spell. They have a way of luring you in under their spell without you ever realizing you’ve been captured. For the scored woman, it is pure ecstasy to see you melt and become a pawn in their game of chest. Scorned women have discernment as well; they know who they can take down, the bigger the heart of the man the greater the victory will be, to take him down. These are generally the boy next door type; they are sweet to the bone, with a heart of gold and would do anything to bring joy to anyone around them. This is an issue for the scorned woman because she doesn’t know what authentic happiness feels like. She has been robbed of her ability to openly love, care, and nurture. She is angry and her heart has been compromised and she has vowed to herself to make every man around her pay for it. This is how: The scorned woman sees the boy next door before he has even seen her, and she has already made up in her mind that he is her next pawn. She gives him subtle glimpses that say I’m confident and beautiful but if you want me you will pursue me. He loves the aura she gives off because he’s never felt anything like this. He confidently yet nervously approaches her, says a small joke which isn’t very funny but she will entertain it for now. She looks him over and smells sincerity, he reeks of it; she smiles because she’s just envisioned his fall to brokenness. He’s so captivated by her gentle ways and politeness that nothing else matters. So they date months pass, everything is going fine, she meets his family some love her especially the men, then there are a few women that have their reservations, because they know the spirit of a scorned woman. Then the venom begins to be released- slowly. He begins to tell her his dreams and what the future looks like for them, she kills each and every thought of progression for him. And she doesn’t do it drastically; it’s subtle like a carbon monoxide leak. Then he begins to feel insecure a feeling he never knew until then. Everything she loved about him before annoys her, his smile, quirky laugh, and his family. So she alienates him, she begins to tell him how his family and friends secretly despise him and he pulls away from everyone but her. He’s so deep in that he hasn’t realized what’s happened. She begins to go out more with friends, less with him, their pillow talks turn into degrading rants of how inept he is. Then he begins to notice that the phone rings more at night. She laughs at text messages the way she used to laugh when they would talk on the phone all night until sunrise. The blissful sin they committed several times a day comes to a halt. He spirals into a depression, she’s happy and now it’s time for her to finish him off. So after taking everything from him emotionally and physically she has one of her friends tell him that she’s cheating. Her friend pretends to care about his feelings and thought he should know, she sends him pictures and texts. He feels a pain in his heart that he never knew could exist. He confronts her and she confirms it arrogantly, this time she adds fuel to the fire she’s set on his heart, and just like that she’s gone. A few week’s past and he begins to feel better. She sees him out and he’s too happy for her liking so she targets him again, she apologizes and reminds him of her daddy issues and broken home memories. He gives in because the venom is still in his body and her touch reignites feelings he hasn’t felt for weeks. She goes home with him for a wild passionate night; he wakes up the next morning to an empty place in his bed and a mirror stained in lipstick with a message that read “you will always be my pawn…” Yes this woman is dangerous but one day it will come back to her, because the harvest you sow is the harvest you reap. That harvest could be her destruction or her deliverance. And if she is delivered she makes it her goal to help other scorned woman find theirs, and she does her best to never make a man feel that way again. Trust me I know… Signed, A Recovering Scorned Woman - Elle Harris